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 Community Offences

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PostSubject: Community Offences    Sat Jan 21, 2017 4:15 pm

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0. Common Sense
Common sense will thrive where rules will not. The administration team reserves the right to apply judgment when they see fit.

The OG:RP rules were not written by lawyers and it's understandable that loopholes and inaccuracies might be found once in a while. Some rules might also not be found in the rules thread (the so called unwritten rules), yet they're followed by everyone. And sometimes a certain thing might simply be missing because no administrator or player has thought about it before. We expect you to use common sense in such situations; in most cases, if you think that something might not be allowed - it probably isn't.

The admin team as a whole (in a majority vote AND management approval) reserve the right to remove people whom we regard as unfit for the server. This is an extreme measure that will only happen in situations where players deliberately cause havoc on the server but not explicitly break rules. The server owner reserves the right to overrule the entire team's decision.

1. Power-gaming & Meta-gaming
Metagaming and powergaming are very unfair toward other players and can potentially ruin roleplay, therefore the offenses are treated very seriously.

Metagaming can be defined as using Out of Character (OOC) information In Character (IC).

For example:
1. Using an OOC chat like /b, /o, /pm or external applications like Skype, Steam or Xfire to contact someone and distribute IC information.
2. Using someone's nametag to gain IC information about him/her while you've never met ICly.
3. Using Smileys like: "xD Razz :3 Very Happy" in the IC chat.

Powergaming can be defined as two things. One of them is forcing actions upon a player, the other is doing superhuman and unrealistic actions.

For example:
1. Using a /me and forcing the action to be successful without letting the other party respond. (Point 1)
2. Roleplaying lifting up a vehicle with one hand and throwing it away. (Point 2)

Original Gaming Roleplay administrators will punish you if they deem your actions unrealistic, supernatural, or unfair towards another party. This includes but is not limited to:

* Swimming without the right attire - For example, on a casual day most people would not swim fully clothed to a public fishing boat in a bay.

* Olympic Swimming - Swimming (while fully clothed) for long periods of time, without roleplaying any physical exhaustion whatsoever.

* Non-Rply adding NOS/hydraulics.

* Bunnyhopping - Repeatedly pressing the jump key to get around faster on foot.

* Not roleplaying fear - Showing a lack of emotions in situations were people would normally be very frightened.

* Ramboing - Running towards someone while they are aiming at you / opening fire upon you.

* Chickenrunning - Running from side-to-side away from someone, jumping around or etcetera whilst someone is opening fire upon you (either with a firearm OR taser).

* Provoking - Intentionally harassing other players so that they will retaliate.

* Ninjajacking - Pressing "F" or "enter" to jack someone's vehicle without roleplaying your actions.

* Using job vehicles for personal use - It is unfair towards players wishing to use the vehicles for their intended purpose.

* Driver-shooting - Using Grand Theft Auto's drive by mechanic, as the driver of a vehicle is not allowed due to the excessive damage it causes compared to on foot gun usage.

* Asspulling - Taking out a concealed (meaning not visibly holstered) weapon without the use of a /me, /ame or /do.  

* Carsurfing - Standing on top of a moving vehicle. Some vehicles (eg. pick-up trucks) are exempt from this.

* Using a skin that doesn't fit your character's race - in other words - using a white skin while roleplaying as a black person, or using a black skin while roleplaying as a white person.

* Non-RP driving - This includes, but is not limited to: heavy offroading with non-offroad vehicles, stunting, mountain climbing, cliff jumping, drifting on sidewalks.

* Unrealistic driving - We find it highly unrealistic to disregard road laws for completely no reason. If you're found driving recklessly for no IC reason - you might be questioned and punished. This includes, but is not limited to: cutting corners, running red lights, driving on pavements, going way above the speed limit or doing burnouts.

* Crossing roadblocks - It is not realistic to cross or go around police roadblocks just to get from A to B faster. You are expected to take a detour in such a situation.

* Demanding an OOC promise from a player - you are not allowed to ask a player for an OOC promise that they won't rob or scam you. Using such information ICly would be considered as metagaming, that's why we've decided to disallow it completely.
* Locking a vehicle in a Non-RP manner. - Quickly locking your vehicle in an OOC manner where your character would be unable to do so. (e.g. while downed or held at gunpoint)
* Rush Tasing - Using a taser while a suspect has a firearm withdrawn, or has it aimed at you. This provides an unfair advantage to Law Enforcement and in the interest of fairness is considered powergame. This rule also applies with beanbag shotguns.
Punishments may vary depending on the severity and frequency of offenses that are committed by a player.

2. No Death Matching (DM).
You may not kill players without any- or with a weak reason.

Deathmatching is when you are killing / inflicting injuries upon a player for a reason that does not justify such extreme actions, or without a reason at all.
Murders/shootouts/brawls are to be be fully roleplayed.

Other offenses related to deathmatching that are strictly prohibited include, but are not limited to:

Non-RP brawling - You are required to use a proper, detailed /me if you want to start a brawl. It is not acceptable to start hitting a player with no roleplay whatsoever, you have to roleplay attacking them beforehand. You should also wait with the brawl for at least 1-2 seconds after sending the message, to allow the other player to read it. The /me for starting a brawl has to be detailed, actions such as "/me rushes X" are not considered sufficient.

Revenge Killing - Killing, injuring or engaging with a player who has previously killed you. After your character gets killed - they no longer remember anything about their death, and you're not allowed to use your OOC knowledge about the death in any way ICly.
Returning to the scene of your death for any reason (e.g, retrieving your vehicle) is not allowed and you should wait until the situation has come to an end before returning to the area. This includes doing these things with an alternative character.

Car-parking - Using a vehicle to park on top of somebody with the intention to injure/kill them. GTA SA mechanics allow you to easily kill someone by driving over them and leaving them under your car for a couple seconds - parking a car over a body would not kill a person in real life and therefore is not allowed.

Car ramming - Using a vehicle to ram another player (on foot or in a vehicle) without a proper reason or any roleplay.
Note: You are allowed to ram a player without a /me in a situation when you have no time to type it (eg. the person is running away or you need the surprise factor). However, you are expected to roleplay something about the ramming - letting the other player know that it was intentional and was not deathmatching. This should be done as soon as possible after the ram.

Terrorist Roleplay - Roleplay acts like suicide-bombing, kamikaze attacks and etc are strictly prohibited unless you have permission from an administrator.

Bomb Roleplay - If someone wishes to RP a bomb, they need admin permission for it. In order to obtain admin permission you must provide screenshots of in depth roleplay of making the bomb and the /time should be included. You must make the bomb yourself, unless you are in a faction that has access to these kind of weaponry, eg. the State Police (C4 charges etc).
Depending on the severity of the offense, punishments may vary from a kick for players below level 3, prison of 20 minutes for above that, if the DM is very much expected from the player, he is awarded a 2 hour prison, 1 admin warning, 1 hour newb/report mute, 1 day VIP mute, and a zero chance of appeal.

3.Character Kills (CK) cannot be forced upon a player.
Every player must agree to the CK OOCly

A Character Kill is when you agree to have your character's life ended (via death, and not eg. leaving the country), and must get a namechange using an NRN provided by the administrators and begin to roleplay a completely new character. You may not bring back a previously CKed character unless you get administrative permission.

Committing suicide to avoid roleplay/arrest results in a CK. Suicides must be fully roleplayed.

Committing suicide to avoid Roleplay/arrest with Non-RP actions and clear intentions of getting out of a situation will result in a temporary ban AND a CK. This includes taking out a gun or reaching for it while held at gunpoint by police officers / other players.

Most illegal factions reserve the right to force a CK upon you for any IC reason when you become a member - make sure to carefully read through the rules in their forum section/thread to avoid misunderstandings.

Cutting off limbs, kicking out teeth or doing any other kind of permanent damage to a character falls under similar rules as PKs and CKs. It's allowed, but the dismembered person is free to decide whether they want to roleplay the effects permanently or just until the end of the roleplay scenario they were wounded in.

If your character has not died scriptwise and did not receive injuries that would give him zero chances of survival, but you still decide to roleplay being dead - it means that your character will be CK'ed. However, if heavy injuries have been inflicted to you by a second party (eg. being rammed off a bike or shot during a drive-by) and you end up dying during the roleplay - your death will be a PK and not a CK.
Forcing a CK on someone when you do not have the authority to do so will result in a temporary ban and also the CK will be invalid.

4. You must remain In Character at all times, unless specified otherwise by an Administrator.
This includes, but is not limited to:

* Abusing the IC chat to OOCly to troll another player

* Jumping around aimlessly with no RP involved

* Skipping / voiding roleplay situations without administrative permission.

* Complaining via /b (or any OOC chats) about the way the roleplay scenario turned out.

* /accepting death whilst someone is RPing with your body and you didn't get executed.

You may RP with someone who is downed and did not get executed to take items from him. If the player in question WAS executed, he is free to /accept death whenever he'd like, but is allowed to RP if he decides to do so. If you /accept death while someone is RPing with your body and you did not get executed, you are avoiding RP and will be punished accordingly.  

You may only ask for the reason of arrests ICly and may not turn the situation from IC to OOC by questioning the police in the /b chat. Arrests are an IC matter and should be dealt with ICly, including false arrests. You are free to bring the case to the Internal Affairs or the courts afterwards.

If you think the other player broke the rules or you're in a disagreement with them - you are entitled to call in an administrator for help. However, you are not allowed to pause the roleplay until the admin arrives unless the other player agrees to pause it. If they don't agree - you have to continue roleplaying and post a forum complaint after the roleplay is over.

Exeption to this rule:

Events hosted by the admin team are completely OOC unless otherwise specified. As such, we ask that players who are involved in these events use out of character chats, such as /b. The administrative team does not like people mixing in character information with out of character situations. Note that if the event is organised in an IC manner and the administrator is not on admin duty, then the event is not OOC.
Those who are found to be breaching this rule will be temp-banned. Persistent rulebreakers will be perm-banned from the server

5. CLEO mods are allowed as long as they don't fall under the definition of a hacking tool.
Hacks are strictly prohibited.

The use of CLEO mods is allowed given that the mod(s) do not give an advantage over another player. Mods like these are considered acceptable:

* First person mod

* ELM (for emergency factions only)

* Streamfixes

* ENB series

* Radar mods

* Cruise Control
* SnowFX (only during winter)

Mods that give you weapons, health, money, teleports or advantages similar to hack programs are prohibited. Tools like camhack are only allowed with permission from an administrator.

Using a CLEO mod that could be considered a hack will lead to an immediate permanent ban. There are systems in place to detect speed/fly hacks etc and it is impossible to spawn money.

6. OOC Chats are English only, use /sms ((text)) for other panguages
OOC chats.
General rules about the OOC Chats you need to know.

OOC is an English-only chat. Use PM's to speak in other languages.
This may seem like a strange rule, however, this is the language that administrators can police properly. The use of other languages makes the administration staff assume that you are speaking about rule breaking and as such will take action against you. You might be denied access to the server if your English abilities are not capable enough.

No flaming or insulting in OOC chats.
This includes directly or indirectly insulting a player, namecalling of any degree, the use of racial slurs and sectarian comments or any other form of discrimination. We aim to keep the server a friendly place and you should adjust your attitude to that.
These offenses will vary between a kick or permanent ban, depending on the situation.

7. Money Farming is strictly prohibited on this server.
Money farming is prohibited on this server.

Creating accounts for the sole reason of gaining money is not something that would be possible in real life and as such we have deemed it to be unacceptable.
Those who are found to have been money farming will be temporarily or permanently banned, depending on the situation.
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Community Offences
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